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M.I.G./M.A.G.S. Welding - Advantages and Disadvantages

M.I.G. and M.A.G.S. Advantages

1) Higher welding speeds
2) Greater deposition rates
3) Less post welding cleaning (e.g. no slag to chip off weld)
4) Better weld pool visibility
5) No stub end losses or wasted man hours caused by changing electrodes
6) Low skill factor required to operate M.I.G / M.A.G.S welding torch
7) Positional welding offers no problems when compared to other processes. (Use dip or pulsed mode of transfer)
8) The process is easily automated
9) No fluxes required in most cases
10) Ultra low hydrogen process

M.I.G. and M.A.G.S. Disadvantages

1) Higher initial setup cost
2) Atmosphere surrounding the welding process has to be stable (hence the shielding gasses), therefore this process is limited to draught free conditions
3) Higher maintenance costs due to extra electronic components
4) The setting of plant variables requires a high skill level
5) Less efficient where high duty cycle requirements are necessary
6) Radiation effects are more severe

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