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Welcome to Engineer Student is a site aimed primarily at mechanical engineering students who are studying up to National Diploma/Certificate levels(uk).

-Material properties explained
-Metal properties list A-Z
-Material density Table A-Z
-Basic BS970 steel selection guide
-Finishing processes
-Changing metal properties with heat

-Pneumatic symbols
-Compressor types
-Air treatment
-Pressure regulation
-Pneumatics vs hydraulics

Engineering Science
-Boyles law
-Charles law
-Density of air
-Energy efficiency
-Infrared Radiation
-Newton's laws of motion
-Mass, weight and gravity
-Periodic table
-Specific heat capaity
-Transposing formula
-Thermal expansion
-Thermal conductivity
-Wave types and measuring waves
-Wave properties: Reflection
-Wave properties: Refraction

Manufacturing techniques
-Water jet cutting
-Laser cutting
-Injection moulding
-Vacuum forming
-Investment casting
-Die casting
-Drop forging
-Lathe machine
-3D Printing

Mechanical Principles
-Centripetal force & acceleration
-Stress and strain
-Coefficients of friction

-Welding types
-Understanding gears
-Bearing numbers explained
-The greek alphabet
-Arithmetic: The nth term

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